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Support for hibisca e.V. and its projects

Thank you very much for supporting hibisca e.V and its projects.

Donation account at GLS-Bank: DE61 4306 0967 1180 1831 03 (hibisca e.V, Berlin)

When making a donation, you can specify the purpose of the donation in the transfer and choose what the funds are to be used for.

There are two possibilities:
A) You specifically name one of our current projects of hibisca e.V., Berlin, presented on this website:

  1. SALUS PUBLICA: for the SALUS PUBLICA Library Lab.
  2. ARCHER TYPES: for the ARCHER TYPES:** project or subproject 'Sustainably Ever After' - an independent citizen-organized research project for sustainable future design and a shared sustainable coexistence
  3. 4humans: for 4humans - a journey (development project for smaller cultural, social and sustainability oriented initiatives).

B) If you want to leave it up to us to decide where in our work we can urgently use your support
     we can urgently use your support, simply leave the purpose blank or write
     write as purpose: 'Use for general association work'.

If you want to support us permanently or if you want to know exactly where and how we can best use your help, please get in touch with us and we will contact you.

In Germany for donations under 200 Euro you can use the receipt of your bank transfer as a proof of your donation (e.g. for accounting purposes etc.). If your donation is over 200 Euros and if you live outside Germany, we will be happy to issue you a receipt.

If you live outside the EU, we can also provide you with a donation option via Paypal upon request. This online donation option will be included by default in the new wordpress websites of the association in mid/end of February 2023.
This text may be subject to errors.

Status: December 10, 2022.

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